Announcing Digital Ocean Pipelines

Last week we announced support for custom pipeline runners, expanding beyond Docker to include support for additional runtime environments. We announced exec pipelines and ssh pipelines, capable of running workloads directly on a local or remote machine without containers.

Today we are excited to announce Digital Ocean pipelines. A Digital Ocean pipeline is executed on a dedicated Droplet that is destroyed when the pipeline completes.

Example configuration:

kind: pipeline                                        
type: digitalocean
name: default

  from_secret: do_token

  image: docker-18-04
  size: s-1vcpu-1gb
  region: nyc1

- name: test
  - go build
  - go test

- name: build
  - docker build .

Digital Ocean pipelines are intended for workloads that require a dedicated virtual machine with full privileges, and are poorly suited for containers and multi-tenancy. You may also consider Digital Ocean pipelines if you have low build volume and want to reduce costs by provisioning droplets on-demand.

See the documentation to install the Digital Ocean runner and learn how to configure the Digital Ocean pipelines. If you have any questions or feedback please let us know.