Announcing SSH Pipelines

Earlier this week we announced support for custom pipeline runners, expanding support beyond Docker to support additional runtime environments. We also announced exec pipelines, capable of running workloads directly on the host machine without containers.

Today we are excited to announce SSH pipelines. An SSH pipeline executes on a remote machine using the SSH protocol. You can use SSH pipelines with Windows, Linux and Posix-compliant operating systems.

Example configuration:

kind: pipeline
type: ssh
name: default

  user: root
    from_secret: password

- name: backend
  - go build
  - go test

- name: frontend
  - npm install
  - npm test

The target use case for an SSH pipeline is when you need to run a series of commands on a static, remote server. You can also use SSH pipelines on to bring your own servers.

See the SSH pipeline documentation to learn more.

Final Words

Give Drone a try today. You can get up and running in less than 10 minutes. If you have any questions or need assistance please get in touch.