Arduino Uses Drone to Power Microservices on Kubernetes

by bradrydzewski

An Interview with Luca Cipriani, Matteo Suppo and Edoardo Tenani We love Drone because on Jenkins we could not upgrade the Go version without impacting other projects (since Jenkins doesn’t do isolation or Docker by default). But with Drone we can upgrade Go per-project or even per-branch given the container-based approach. Drone is a huge step forward than Jenkins For those that don’t know, what is Arduino? Arduino is an open-source hardware, software, and content platform with a worldwide community of over 30 million active users.…

An Interview with Punit Agrawal, DevOps Lead @ eBay

by bradrydzewski

How eBay uses Drone to deploy 200 Services to Kubernetes Punit leads the Devops team for the New Product Development Group at eBay, helping deploy microservices efficiently on Kubernetes. He has been front and center as eBay has transitioned to the public cloud. With the transition, Punit has been focusing on automation technologies to help eBay developer productivity. One of those tools is Drone, where eBay has 100 users using Drone for 200 services, releasing 15,000 times a quarter.…