Drone is joining Harness

Today we are thrilled to announce Drone has been acquired by Harness

Drone has always enabled your busy team to build and test software quickly and securely. Now we’re partnering with Harness to create faster, smarter, and more secure workflows that help developers get ship done!

About Drone

If you are a member of the Harness community and are learning about Drone for the first time … welcome! 👋

Drone is a container-native Continuous Integration system that was designed to be a self-service replacement for aging Jenkins installations.

Over the past decade Drone has disrupted the market with its simplicity and ease of use, growing to 5,000+ self-hosted installations. Drone also has a vibrant open source community community with 21,000+ GitHub stars and 250+ contributors.

Teams choose Drone because it is simple, self-service, and you can be up and running in minutes.

“With Drone, we can put the power of CI in our engineers’ hands. Drone is simple and scalable, like a Swiss army knife for our few hundred engineers around the world. They can build and run their CI pipelines in containers, independently, without resource conflicts or bottlenecks. We spend less than a few hours a month administering Drone, so it’s a light lift compared to CI tools we’ve managed before,“

Jim Sheldon, Senior DevOps Engineer at Meltwater.


For the existing community and customer base, nothing will change. Drone will remain open source and Harness will invest significantly over the coming years in the community, platform and mission.


We are excited to join Harness for this next chapter. As always, we will remain laser-focused on providing a simple, powerful continuous integration platform in partnership with our customers and our amazing community. We have exciting features and announcements planned for the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

With 21,000+ github stars and a robust, active open source community, Drone is a leader in container-driven Continuous Integration. Drone empowers teams to deliver software at unprecedented speed. Follow us on Twitter @droneio or on GitHub for news and product updates.