Arm Workloads Grow 10x in One Year on Drone Cloud

ruby arm screenshot

Last year we launched Drone Cloud, a free continuous integration service for the open source community. Drone Cloud runs on blazing fast x86, Arm32 and Arm64 bare metal servers donated by Packet to provide multi-architecture testing to the open source community.

Since our launch we’ve helped thousands of open source projects improve support for Arm architectures, a number that continues to grow. Over the past year we’ve seen 10x growth in the volume of Arm workloads, processing nearly 20,000 build pipelines per month.

arm build volume

We have witnessed Arm processors dominate the mobile and embedded landscape, but more recently Arm has made big expansions into the datacenter. It is time for developers to take notice. Arm servers on Packet, Scaleway, and the announcement of Arm and AWS are just the early highlights.

Early adopters, such as Smugmug, a leading photo sharing site, migrated infrastructure to EC2 A1 instances and reported an impressive 40% cost savings.

Over the past year we have helped thousands of projects improve support for Arm architectures through continuous testing. Notable projects include Grafana, Fluentd, Alpine Linux and more.

We look forward to supporting the Arm community and helping developers build, test and deliver software for multiple operating systems and architectures. If you have a project on GitHub and you want to test your software on bare metal Arm machines, you can get started for free at